Infinity: Yu Jing - Oniwaban (Monofilament CCW)

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Oniwaban means ‘the one who is in the garden’ or ‘the gardener’. During the time of the Tokugawa Shogunate, each Shogun had in his service a personal gardener that belonged to the elite of a Ninja clan. The Oniwaban was the Shogun’s link with the Ninja. In the palace, the official rank of gardener was due to their knowledge of plants, used to create powerful poisons. The Oniwaban were clan territory chiefs, with groups of Ninja at their call, carrying out the personal commands of the Shogun. Recent unofficial and unconfirmed reports suggest the presence of Oniwaban in the Yu Jing StateEmpire army, depicting them as skilful and experienced Ninja with a group of efficient killers under their command. It seems they personally carry out the most complex of operations, as well as coordinating and supervising the tasks of their subordinates.

The real names of the Oniwaban are unknown, as is their appearance, which they can change whenever they wish. Probably, when an Oniwaban dies definitively, his Cube and any safe copy destroyed, he can be substituted by another, taking the same name of his predecessor to provide a sense of continuity and immortality. However, of course, the existence of an elite inside the Ninja is, like the Ninja themselves, an idea that belongs to the past, a fantasy in a modern society like that of Yu Jing. Even the most alarmist citizens must trust in the StateEmpire government criteria and let the myth of Oniwaban vanish in the mists of time.