Ivion: The Sun & the Stars

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Enter a painstakingly crafted arena card game where you'll need every tool at your disposal to pull ahead. Tread lightly, for you'll find no mercy here. Ivion is quick, strategic, and brutal. Welcome to the most intense and rewarding battle card game experience on the market! Play with the heroes straight out of the box or build your own! A unique hero-crafting system where you create your own legendary hero by combining capabilities of different characters. Combine abilities from three different boxed sets to create your ideal hero!

Close the gap with precisely executed assaults or keep your foes away with deadly traps and magical rifts. The battlefield is ever-changing according to your capabilities. Simply dealing damage isn't enough. You'll need to utilize the revolutionary Control system to slow your foe's advance, silence their magic and disarm their savage attacks.

In Ivion: The Sun & The Stars, you can battle as the fiery and chaotic Invoker or the powerful and stoic Archmage. They can battle one another or any other character in the Ivion line of games.

The Invoker (The Sun) is an inferno in human form, spreading uncontrollable devastation in his wake. He rips magic from the earth, bending and abusing it to suit his singular need: Power.

The Archmage (The Stars) is a peerless master of the arcane, creating and destroying on a cosmic level. He can split the sky with a word, or lay waste with a dismissive wave.

1 Learn to Play Guide
1 Rules Reference
1 Board
2 Gametrayz
2 Miniatures
‣ 1 Invoker
‣ 1 Archmage
2 Health Trackers
2 Wooden Heart Tokens
77 Assorted Tokens
141 Cards
‣ 46 Invoker Cards
‣ 48 Archmage Cards
‣ 47 Extra Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 45 minutes

This game can be played on its own for 2 players (1v1) or combined with other Ivion sets to support 4 players (2v2).