Legacy of Mana RPG

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Legacy of Mana is a 5E compatible setting guide infused with unique mechanic adjacent gameplay that will revitalize how you play Dungeons & Dragons at your gaming table.

Our world focuses on mystical new features such as the concept of anti-mana vs. mana, chronomancy, anthropomorphic cultures, gunpowder properties and airship technologies, godless realms and the intense connectivity between manipulating destiny and the promise of fate. Imagine a winged elven monk using chronomantic energies to enter a time dilation stance, or as we like to call it internally, "bullet time" to try and dodge a bullet as a goblin desperado rogue invokes "dumb luck" to accidentally hit with her slinging repeating flint locks, even when she initially missed!

Imagine a lupine (bipedal wolf) sorcerer playing with the threads of karmic chance to achieve the greatest of spell manipulation only to have their magic absorbed by the mana drinking Renik steel sword of an Iltherian knight. What would happen if an orcish dreadnaught barbarian slowly walked up to the wall of a fort and with a mighty swing crumple it, opening a path for her allies, only to have a time employing two-tailed fox touch the rubble and reverse it back into a wall? You can achieve all of this and so much more within the Veil of Imaria.

Grab your dice, record initiative (prepare to have it tampered with by a Bard of the College of Time) and get ready for an adventure worthy of time itself!