Legends of Avallen RPG: Core Rulebook

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The shepherd ordained as a Druid, the bard reborn as a Fae Touched, the thief who found glory as a Gladiator—the greatest of legends rise from humble beginnings, and yours is no different. In a mystical land occupied by faithless invaders, what tales will be told of you? Will you mend the rifts between worlds, or delve into their depths for fame, fortune, and power? Inspired by Celtic mythology in Roman Britain, Legends of Avallen takes you to a divided island home to the mysterious Otherworld. Explore its ancient wonders, slay terrific beasts, riddle with the gods, and change the fate of Avallen forever. Legends of Avallen is a complete tabletop roleplaying game in one incredibly illustrated 246 page hardback book. You will receive a free PDF upon completion of order so you can start playing right away!