Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game General's Accessories Pack

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Make playing your games of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game a little easier with a set of accessories, including roster sheets, tokens and scenario cards that form an essential toolkit for all generals, Good or Evil.

In this set, you will find:

– An A4 fold-out guide to the rules, complete with page references to the Rules Manual to help you find the full rules
– A pad of 50 A4 army roster sheets, each with enough space for 4 warbands
– 12 A5 scenario cards, detailing all the matched play scenarios from the Rules Manual. These come in a handy packet for storage
– 102 double-sided tokens, including two 6"" Heroic Action markers, nine Nazgûl of Dol Guldur counters, as well as 16 wound tokens and 12 objective markers. Use these to effectively track in-game effects such as Magical Powers, Heroic Actions and even being set ablaze by Smaug!