Monsterpocalypse: Draken Armada Monster - Gausamal

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The third Draken Armada monster that humanity was introduced to is the most extraordinary. Gausamal is a serpentine creature that is truly at home in space. Her grace and intelligence are easy to see, but her rage is ultimately terrifying. When calm, she uses subterfuge to defeat foes. But when things look their darkest, and she embraces the heated emotions that all Draken are capable of, she becomes an avatar of destruction humanity is lucky to have on our side.GGausamal is a highly mobile monster that can be added to any Protectors force. Not only is she able to soar over a city with ease, she also uses her mystichnical powers to generate a cloud of particles that Cloak her from view or shift small targets with a force that humans can only describe as Telekinesis. Her serpentine form is difficult for other monsters to get a handle on, making her an Unwieldy target for throwing into buildings. The blasts of cosmic fire that spew from her mouth Disintegrate buildings, and when she goes hyper, that same energy empowers all of her attacks to Annihilate any target. When her rage overcomes her, she wraps her body around enemy monsters, Constricting their movements and ensuring they stay exactly where she wants them.