Monsterpocalypse: Draken Armada Unit - Stalkers and Draken Mystic

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As with the Coursers, the Draken Armada also utilizes trained creatures from their home world as aerial hunters. Stalkers range ahead of their masters, keeping pace with the Coursers below. When a target is spotted, they descend to breathe fire from a distance or tear into a tougher target with claws and fangs. Draken Mystics are gifted with a deep connection to the strange energies that power the race’s technology. They are marked from birth with a serpentine form that makes them easy to distinguish from their less-gifted fellows. Their lifelong training gives them unequaled power to aid those they lead into battle as well as their newfound allies.

This blister contains units that can be added to any Protectors force. Stalkers are winged hunters. These Outriders are specially trained to seek out targets of high value and disrupt an enemy’s supply lines. Draken Mystics serve the armada as an odd combination of priest and military commander. Capable of promoting allies with an Empowering blessing and Intensifying the attacks of any allies who fight by their side, these strange reptiles from beyond our solar system are a welcome addition to those protecting the planet.