Monsterpocalypse: Legion of Mutates Monster - Cassander

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The visionary scientist and entrepreneur Elaine Ways had already been experimenting with technologies that could help save the planet, but the knowledge that a collection of ragtag scientists could transform a human so drastically without major negative side effects drove her to shift her focus. The first Legion of Mutates monster introduced to humanity is the outcome of that fast-tracked experimentation. Named after an ancient king, with armor inspired by one of Earth’s greatest civilizations, Cassander leaped into battle, shocking the world. Part-military leader, part-spokesmodel, the massive lion hybrid is simultaneously saving the planet and selling one of the most revolutionary products ever created. The Means & Ways company needs very little marketing to spread the word of what their product can do, and plenty of customers have lined up to get a chance to take the fight for the planet into their own hands.

Cassander is a monster that can be added to any Protectors force. This former MMA fighter turned giant lionoid is the King of Beasts, leading the lesser hybrids of the Legion of Mutates into battle. Whether he is attacking with Tooth & Claw or an Intimidating roar, no one can deny the ferocious power of this monster. When he goes hyper, the fury of his roars Beat Back any opposition, and the Rending power of his claws will destroy any foe.