Monsterpocalypse: Legion of Mutates Unit - Bashers & Blaster

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The Means & Ways concoctions that can make someone into a half-animal monster the size of a skyscraper are reserved for company employees. However, the company’s consumer products that form the Legion of Mutates brand have the power to temporarily transform a normal human into a hybrid animal creature capable of taking on the lesser minions of the forces seeking the destruction of the earth. Each of these packages comes with a one-year training program membership, the weapons and armor needed while in the form, and a dose of the drug that will turn you into the matching mutate. Proven through rigorous clinical trials to not have addictive chemical properties, the ability to punch a chomper down the block is an exhilarating thing that few customers won’t want to experience again and again.

This blister includes units that can be added to any Protectors force. Bashers are humans infused with hippopotamus DNA. These stout warriors Dual Attack with massive melon hammers, Pressing On after each swing to take new territory. Blasters are Elephant hybrids with extensive training in commanding their fellow mutates. They Lead from the Front, and the trumpeting commands they call out send their allies Stampeding toward the enemy.

3 Basher grunts
1 Basher elite
1 Blaster