Monsterpocalypse: Shadow Sun Monster - Zor-Magna

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Zor-Magna gracefully wields bladed chakram, stepping through the carnage of the battlefield in an intricate but deadly dance. Unlike her fellow Zors, she has mastered the art of dealing death from a distance, unleashing from her chakram powerful energy blasts. And once she finds a target, she can unleash a constant barrage of merciless attacks. But make no mistake: though her dance is beautiful, she carries within her the iron will of all Shinobi. Zor-Magna is an offense monster that can be added to any Protectors force. She dances across the broken cityscape, a Death Blossom in her wake. Energy erupts from her chakram flying across the city, Penetrating defenses with ease. When she goes hyper, she displays her dazzling combat mastery through her inscrutable Focused Will.