Murin & Drar

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Unlike the vast majority of the Dwarves of Middle-earth, Múrin and Drár have developed an unusual taste for wandering the many lands and realms in search of adventure. Although they spend much of their time bickering, as most Dwarves do, these close companions have travelled far and wide beyond their mountain home, and more than once found themselves embroiled in a fight in the aid of the Free Peoples who need it most. The rash and daring Múrin has developed great skill with his sword Kalazâl, and Sauron's minions of all kinds have felt its cutting blade. In contrast, Drár is a calm and collected fellow, preferring instead to arm himself with a bow – a weapon he possesses incredible skill with.

Múrin and Drár offer an incredibly effective combination of capable warrior and eagle-eyed archer, providing your battleline with a flexible pair of Heroes that can react to almost any threat they face.

These miniatures each consist of 1 metal component and come supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Slotta Base.