Numenera: Liminal Shore

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A land of secrets, beyond the farthest seas...
or, perhaps, farther still.

Here, everything lives. Not just the dense forests and lush grasslands, teeming with creatures fabulous and humble. Not just the very earth, rocks, seas, and air. But even the clothes, the weapons, the cyphers you find here. It all breathes, grows, consumes, heals, and, well, lives.

Massive flying creatures drift through the skies. Cities crawl, float, or fly across the landscape. Magnificent towers and superstructures soar upward, some so tall they touch the void itself. And beneath your feet, strange organs and vacuoles permeate the earth, sending bony ramparts thrusting up through the surface to form great mountainous ranges. It's a land unknown to most in the Steadfast, never touched by the influence of the Order of Truth, never ruled by those who know our civilizations. A land of secrets, said to lie beyond the farthest seas . . . but perhaps its real location is the greatest secret of all.

Inside this book, you'll find:

• An entirely new, previously unexplored region of the Ninth World, unlike anywhere you've ever been.

• Scores of new cyphers, artifacts, and creatures, all flavored by the unique nature of the Liminal Shore.

• Several new sapient species, including three suitable as PCs. Play a winged caterpillar-like creel, a shelled wholkin, or a mysterious, fungoid spirant.

• Two complete adventures. "Unusual Vitality" pulls unwitting characters into the Liminal Shore, making it a perfect introduction to the new setting; "Pieces of My Heart" helps them explore and understand this strange new land.