Numenera: The Glimmering Valley

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Numenera: The Glimmering Valley.

Start your Numenera campaign here!

The Ninth World is vast, strange, and intimidating. But big adventures sometimes start small. The village of Neandran is remote, but vibrant and lushly detailed. Establish your characters here, build relationships and backstory, and ground your game in an immersive world.

Then venture out into the Glimmering Valley, and begin to discover the wonders, treasures—and dangers—of the Ninth World. Follow the path of adventure, or explore the region sandbox-style, as the PCs grow in capability and players and GM alike are introduced to what makes the Ninth World so unique and compelling.

And when you’re ready, head out of the Glimmering Valley, prepared (as players, GM, and PCs) to face the vast, awe-inspiring world of Numenera!

The perfect starting point for any Numenera campaign—great for newbies as well as veteran players.
Specially designed to give GMs and players an easy onramp into the world of Numenera. Introduces the vast setting—and all its mind-blowing concepts—through play one step at a time.
“Where do I start?” Right here!
An evergreen title—one you’ll always want on your shelf.
Numenera continues to be one of the strongest choices for TTRPG gamers ready to move beyond basic fantasy.

Format: 128-page Harcover.