Pathfinder, 2e: Night of the Gray Death

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Night of the Gray Death is a deluxe adventure in Gothic horror for 16th-level characters written by Ron Lundeen. It exposes the secrets of the Gray Gardeners with new monsters, new magic items, and new challenges to test the mightiest heroes. Mysteries and intrigue abound during the Night of the Gray Death!

- The first-ever high-level stand-alone adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition.
- Reveals new details on the popular but little-covered nation of Galt, based loosely on the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror.
- Compliments Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Night of the Gray Death (PZO30115), an October 2021 release featuring miniature-scaled maps of key encounter locations in the adventure!
- Sanctioned for use with Paizo’s Pathfinder Society organized play program, a worldwide shared campaign with more than 85,000 active players!