Pitchstorm - Awards Season - A Very Prestigious Expansion

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AN AWARD WINNING FEATURE. This expansion deck contain Awards categories to aim for as they pitch their movies. Pitchstorm is a party game that puts you in the position of an unprepared writer pitching movies to the world's worst executives. Writers have to pitch their movie idea, and figure out a way to incorporate the random notes thrown by the executives on the spot.
THINK FAST. A Category is drawn at the start of every game and give each player ridiculous awards categories they want their movie to win in. Each of the rivalring writers has to draw 3 character cards OR 3 plot cards. The he or she has to draw from the opposite deck, and choose which card from his hand can work best for the other half. The writer will then have to pitch to the studio exec how the movie goes within the time limit!
AND THE AWARD GOES TO... The executive picks three note cards at the start without revealing to the writers. While the character and plot cards may be fun to pitch a story for, the executive notes are sure to make things more interesting. Or awesome. Or absolutely ridiculous. Or so ridiculous, they’re awesome. The exec team/player decides which movie is taking home the Award! The one with the most points wins.
GREAT FOR PARTIES AND GAMES NIGHT. What’s better than movie characters, crazy plots, studio execs and a whole lot of improv? This easy to learn tabletop game is awesome to play with friends and family, adult games night, at a party, office party, sleepovers, birthdays, drinking games, dinner parties or even in the park. Playing with more the 6-12 players? Split into teams of two and rival as pairs!
WHAT’S INSIDE THE AWARDS SEASON DECK. The Awards season expansion for Pitchstorm adds 100 brand new awards cards to the game, and requires the Core deck to play.