Prime Ring-Binder: Red

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The Prime Ring-Binder is equipped with 3 durable D-rings to carry standard-sized 18- or 9-pocket pages. It is covered with Nexofyber surface which provides an elegant look and comfortable feel while being dirt- and water-repellent. The inside of the Prime Ring-Binder is covered with soft microfiber lining. A label slot at the back can either hold the flippable label or a standard-sized gaming card. With this the binder can be individually marked or labeled. Reinforced front- and back-covers add a thick layer of protection to provide a safe place for any card collection.

• Fits standard-sized 9- or 18-pocket pages (not included)
• Durable D-rings with reinforced hinges
• Thick front and back for increased protection
• Label slot can also carry a standard gaming card
• Flippable label at the back for personalized markings
• Premium materials (Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining)