Ptolus: A Player’s Guide to Ptolus

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Explore the city. Build your character. And transport your imagination into this amazing fantasy world!

Perhaps you were born and raised here; perhaps you have recently arrived. Either way, you now walk the streets of Ptolus, that great port city beneath the towering, mysterious Spire.

You know a few things about this place—it is not without a reputation, to say the least. To call Ptolus a dynamic, vibrant city with a strange and varied identity is to greatly undersell it. Only now are explorers discovering how ancient the city really is, unearthing details of its long and twisting story. And Ptolus is where that strange breed that calls itself “delvers” congregates. It’s a place where people are as concerned with what lies below the ground s they are with what’s above. This is like no place else in the world.

Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire is a masterwork telling of this vast and wondrous city. It is also huge and brimming with information that’s best limited to the GM’s eyes. The players, however, will get the most from their time in Ptolus if they are as immersed in this city as their characters are. A Player’s Guide to Ptolus does just that: it takes you into the City by the Spire, introducing its districts, organizations, and history, along with its people and their customs and traditions. You’ll feel like you’ve lived in this wondrous place for ages!

A Player’s Guide to Ptolus is also a guide to character creation. It introduces the species and cultures unique to this setting, offers character background ideas, and discusses the roles of various classes and types within Ptolus society. Filled with facts and details, it’ll give you a thousand ideas for characters who really fit this fantastic setting.

GMs will need a copy of Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire to run adventures in the city of Ptolus, but A Player’s Guide to Ptolus is an accessible and portable option for players who want quick access to myriad details of the city. A Player’s Guide to Ptolus is system-neutral, and provides information and inspiration to both 5e and Cypher System players—or anyone else who wants to step into this amazing city!