Ptolus: Character Portfolio (for Cypher System)

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Start your legendary characters in this legendary setting with the Ptolus Character Portfolio! At 24 pages, it records all your character's abilities, skills, belongings, and everything else you find on a conventional character sheet. Plus it gives you room for notes, sketches, and details. Define your character's appearance and jot down their notable features and mannerisms. Record your connections to other PCs along with people, creatures, objects, and locations you encounter in your adventures. Keep a campaign journal, or make maps and sketches of of places you've been.

This Character Portfolio is perfectly sized to provide plenty of space within, but without taking up too much space on the gaming table. It's printed in full color on heavy matte paper and takes pencil and erase easily. You can even personalize the cover, making every player's portfolio unique from the outside in.

This pack gives you give 24-page portfolios - enough for the whole party!

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