Red Dragon Inn: Allies- Evil Pooky

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Ancient teleport spells and alcohol do not mix… A late-night “research” session has opened a portal to unknown realms. From that portal leaps Pooky’s evil doppelganger, ready to wreak havoc in our heroes’ beloved tavern! And he hasn’t come alone…

The Bad: Hey look! It’s Deirdre! Wait a minute…

The Worse: I don’t remember Deirdre being a vampire…
Evil Pooky brings Extradimensional trouble!

Pooky’s evil twin has more than just copies of members of The Party up his sleeve!
It’s more than a bad hare day with Evil Pooky…


Evil Pooky character deck
Evil Pooky doppelganger deck
Evil Pooky boss deck
Drink deck with 8 brand-new drinks
EPIC Pooky – boss deck for original Pooky
Two new Prize Cards