Runequest: Weapons & Equipment

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Runequest: Weapons & Equipment.

An essential reference guide for RuneQuest players, Weapons & Equipment showcases Gloranthan culture and life, describing the items and services adventurers use everyday, exceptional and magic items, as well as how they can sell their hard-won treasure.

Inside you'll find:

New Weapons, armors, and adventuring equipment.
Beasts of burden, mounts, and awakened animals.
Exotic and rare goods such as magic crystals, enchanted items, extraordinary gems, and rules for attunement.
Mercenaries and Hirelings.
Dwellings and rules for expanding, improving, and customizing holdings.
Guidelines and travel times for journeys across Glorantha.
Common Goods such as foods, drinks, clothing, jewelry, and other everyday items.

Weapons & Equipment dramatically expands the RueQuest core rules, with new means of equipping and advancing your adventurers, Gamemasters can use these contents for treasure hoards and other material rewards, making this an invaluable resource for every RueQuest player.

Format: Full Color, 128 pages.