Shadowrun, 6e: Whisper Nets

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Shadowrunners make their living off whatever scraps fall from megacorporate tables, and that includes information. In this campaign, runners will learn some of the corps’ dirty secrets, and then they’ll have the chance to use their secrets for their own benefit. From trading favors to gaining protection for themselves to selling info to the highest bidder, the runners will have the chance to shape the megacorporate pecking order and make good money for themselves—all while playing through fun, engaging adventures.

Offers plot hooks, mini adventures, NPCs, and game information to help players and gamemasters build adventures and campaigns.
Builds on plot elements from previous books such as Cutting Black. Slip Streams, The Third Parallel, and Null Value.
Offers more details on Sixth World Manhattan, which presents a dangerous and fun twist on the normal corporate shadowruns.