Starfinder RPG: The Liberation of Locus-1

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The Edge of Space

Scientists, mystics, and corporate interests came together to found Locus-1, a research station and outpost far from the Pact Worlds. Now Sidakana, a ruthless vesk space pirate, has made the Locus system her personal playground, and the innocent people of Locus-1 have turned to the nearest military power - the Azlanti Star Empire - for help. When the cure proves worse than the disease, it's up to a small group of bold newcomers to save the station and all its inhabitants from death or enslavement!

Designed to give player characters a home base in a remote region filled with adventure, "The Liberation of Locus-1" is the perfect next step for players and GMs who've completed Junker's Delight.

Inside this book, you'll find:

• "The Liberation of Locus-1", a complete adventure for 4th-level characters, leading them to 7th-level.

• All the details of Locus-1, a remote space station orbiting the Locus - a strange cosmic anomaly - as well as other planets in the Locus system, all with mysteries of their own.

• An Adventure Toolbox with new experimental weapons and equipment fueled by the Locus; new playable species who serve in the Azlanti Star Empire's Alien Cohort; and the predatory mindshroud rays - horrifying symbiotes from the beyond.