Symbaroum RPG: Ruins of Symbaroum 5E- Adventure Compendium

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With the Ruins of Symbaroum game line, the acclaimed setting of Symbaroum comes to the world’s most popular roleplaying game rules. This PDF presents seven low to medium level adventures, perfect for introducing gamemasters and players to the game world and the special rules created as an addition to the 5th Edition OGL ruleset.


The Ruins of Symbaroum Adventure Compendium will invite you to everything from murder mysteries, to forest expeditions and witch hunts; set in cities, villages, and expanses of wilderness; treating you to encounters with dark­minded cultists, roaring monstrosities, and raging abominations. Yes, the adventures of this tome do a great job of exemplifying the wide variety of stories that are waiting to be told in the world of Symbaroum.


Seven full-length adventures, ranging from level 1 to 8
The settlements Kastor, Ravenia and Prios Pass
Thirteen mystical artifacts and a dozen color maps to explore
An introduction to the pantheon of the Young Gods
Note that this book requires access to the Ruins of Symbaroum Core Setting Books – the Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide and Bestiary