Tales from the Red Dragon Inn

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An explosion in the basement of the Red Dragon Inn launches our heroes on the adventure of their lives! Evil schemes are in motion… can the adventurers thwart them before it’s too late?

Tales from the Red Dragon Inn is a cooperative tactical combat game set in the well-loved fantasy world of adventurers and tavern brawls. The scenario-driven campaign will pit players against unique challenges presented by each of the fully-illustrated maps. Band together with your friends, and with a bit of luck and careful maneuvering, you’ll complete your party’s objectives before your enemies achieve their own!


6 heroes with unique mechanics and abilities that you can customize each game session.
8 detailed, fully assembled miniatures.
14 fully-illustrated, two-sided maps to get you right to the action.
200+ cards to unlock over the course of the narrative campaign.
40+ foes to encounter, each with scenario-specific mechanics.
25 story-driven scenarios spanning 5 chapters.
Transformative Solo Mode rules for taking on the baddies by yourself.
A walkthrough guide to teach you the game as you play the first four scenarios, and a rulebook designed for easy reference.
14 custom molded dice, hundreds of tokens, and more!