The Devils Dandy Dogs RPG

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A delightful zero-prep roleplaying experience filled with magic, mystery, and teamwork.

You are one of the Devil’s Dandy Dogs, a creature made of the Devil’s shadow, and as such you are tasked with one thing: collecting souls. You’ll face myriad people, places, creatures, experiences, and conundrums—not to mention temptations. And when you’re done, the Devil will want a rousing tale of your exploits.

Collaborate with your pack to create the conflict, characters, and resolutions to your tale. This zero-prep, rules-light narrative roleplaying game is filled with mystery, magic, and the unforeseen.

And a pack of supernatural dogs trying their best to be oh-so-good!

Delightfully fun and truly unique—and astonishingly beautiful.

Plays in a couple of hours with literally zero prep.

Head-turning art isn’t like anything on your shelf.

With cards, custom dice, a cloth playmat, and more, this game packs in a ton of value.

Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog? More importantly, who doesn’t want to play a supernatural dog on a fun, fast-paced supernatural mission?