The Witcher TRPG: A Tome of Chaos

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A Tome of Chaos includes:

New Magic: Explore a library of new magic including spells, invocations, rituals, hexes, signs, runes, glyphs, elixirs, and magic items.
Explore the Dark Arts: Bend dark forces to your will with rules for summoning the spirits of the dead, making deals with demons, and creating mutant monstrosities.
Priests, Druids, & the Gifted: Expand the boundaries of magic at your gaming table with the separate and expanded Priest and Druid Professions and new rules for granting mundane characters minor magical talents.
And More: Learn how magic is taught across the Continent, follow the stories of Director Var Treharne, and experience the dangers of Goetia in a gripping adventure.
Target Market:

Fans of grim and gritty fantasy.
Gamers who love the award-winning Witcher video game series, the books, or the television show.
Selling Points:

A Tome of Chaos fleshes out magic in The Witcher TTRPG, offering options for players and gamemasters alike.
This isn’t just new spells and magic items! The lore contained in A Tome of Chaos is canon with The Witcher universe and adds new dimensions to magic use and magic users in that world.