Top Gun Strategy Game

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MASTER THE SKIES: Relive the action of some of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history in the Top Gun Strategy Game. Take command of Team Maverick/Goose or Team Iceman/Slider in an adrenaline-pumping air combat training exercise.
STRATEGIC PLANE MANEUVERS: Outsmart your opponents as you strategically maneuver your planes and coordinate with your Weapons System Operator.
GRAVITY-DEFYING AERIAL BATTLES: Experience intense aerial encounters and perform daring maneuvers in the ultimate test of skill and precision.
VICTORY THROUGH STRATEGY: Secure valuable target locks, plan tactical moves, and outwit your rivals to claim swift victories in the air. When they aren’t in the air, pilots face off in a volleyball game, where they strut their stuff to gain rewards or intimidate an opponent.
BECOME THE TOP GUN: Master both the Ground Game and Air Game phases to enhance your education, boost your confidence, and rise to the top of the ranks.