Tri-Stat RPG: Demonicity Mini-Game Box Set

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There are horrors so unimaginable that they can propel a person to the edges of their sanity. Evils so dark that they threaten to consume the world and plunge it into eternal night. Those threats manifest within terrible creatures from the hell dimension of Bazaroth, wielding incredible powers and hungering for domination. Demons are real, and they are arriving. Your team of operatives is humanity’s last line of defense against the coming infernal darkness.

As a player character, you'll assume the role of an elite operative inside Demon City.

If you're looking for role-playing games that are concise enough to crack open and start playing right away, yet sufficiently robust and evocative to support longer campaign play as well, you've come to the right place.

The first three Tri-Stat System Mini-Game Boxed Sets – a new line of compact and complete role-playing adventure games that are compatible with Dyskami Publishing's flagship BESM Fourth Edition anime and manga RPG. Tri-Stat System creator Mark MacKinnon has distilled and customized the complete system into distinct streamlined versions for each of the three adventure games – targeting their specific genres and background settings in easy-to-understand boxed sets.


Strong Table Presence - Gorgeous and eye-catching contents, each box contains a 32-page full-color rulebook that gives your group everything you need to play, with sections on character abilities, magical spells/paranormal powers, weapons and equipment, enemy encounters, items and equipment, and guidelines for integrating the Tri-Stat System game with the compatible BESM Fourth Edition RPG
Easy to Teach & Learn - A ready-to-use RPG game that you can play easily
Replayability - These boxed set RPGs are games of adventure, exploration, battle, heroism, romance, and imagination. Yet unlike in a traditional board game, the possibilities for exploration and action in these role-playing game are endless.

Each RPG boxed set includes:

32-page full color rulebook
6 pre-generated characters
6 brief story scenarii
4 custom-etched dice