Ultimate Werewolf Extreme

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In Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme, 3-25 players will use their wits to deceive and uncover deception by fellow players as they attempt to discover who among them is a werewolf. Like traditional werewolf games, Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme has all sorts of roles and a moderator to run the game, but Extreme reworks this in several ways. A free, moderator assisting app helps create games with ease - automatically scanning each player's face and role using micro QR code technology. Additional information has been added on each card, including role name, team, info value and moderator difficulty. A new role-balancing system has been introdcued based on inofrmation versus the number of werewolves in any size game. Optional rules have also been added to increase difficulty, such as invisible lycans, alternate nominees, elected judges and celebrations after a werewolf elimination that reduces village abilities.

Ages: 8+
Players: 3-25
Game Length: 30-60 minutes