Undiscovered - The Quest for Adventure: Player's Codex

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The Player's Codex has all the information you need to create a character and play in an Undiscovered game. (At least one member of your group must own the Core Rulebook, which contains world and additional game information.)
This classless, point-based system allows you to let loose your imagination and create a character that you want to play. Select from over 150 skills, with 5 levels available in each skill. Limitless character advancement allows for limitless character development. Complete flexibility is provided through attributes, allowing two similarly skilled characters to be totally different! For example, a strong fighter can cause severe damage, but a smart fighter can learn more skills, and thus advance faster. Dexterous fighters gain bonuses to strike in a fight while agile fighters are able to dodge hits easier. Also includes 180 spells within 6 Covens of Magic, over 100 powers within 4 Psionic disciplines, over 75 miracles within 11 Divine groupings, and a pantheon of 28 deities plus ancestral spirits for shamanic peoples.