Unmatched: Marvel Hells Kitchen - Daredevil vs Elektra vs Bullseye

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As with every Unmatched set, Hell’s Kitchen heroes can face off against fighters from other sets, making it a must-have for experienced players or a great entry point for new ones. And Hell’s Kitchen introduces item tokens that provide fighters with potent effects. And it’s all brought to life by the masterful illustration of Oliver Barrett and Ian O’Toole with the peerless production quality for which the Unmatched line is known.

Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen is a stand-alone expansion for the Unmatched system and includes:

76 cards featuring the art of Oliver Barrett
A battlefield board featuring the art of Ian O’Toole
3 pre-washed miniatures for Daredevil, Elektra, and Bullseye
4 plastic sidekick tokens for the Hand
3 custom life trackers
3 scheme tokens
3 combat tokens