Urban Decay

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A roleplaying game of fast-moving beat ’em up action – take to the streets, take on the gangs, take back your City!

As night falls over the City, a storm is brewing in the streets below. The gangs have taken over. They rule with an iron fist, their will enforced by armies of thugs and brawlers. Uniting with a crew of like-minded individuals, you head out to reclaim your home, protecting neighborhoods, inspiring others to take a stand, and clashing with gang enforcers as you work your way through their ranks, seeking to cut the head from the

snake coiled at the heart of the City.

Urban Decay is inspired by classic arcade video games, movies and comic-books. Players take on the roles of warriors, martial artists, vigilantes and ordinary citizens, taking to the streets to face the gangs that control the City and to save the people and places they love. Streamlined character and crew creation produces distinct, capable heroes with shared goals and bonds, while the versatile Clash system emphasizes brutal, gritty street-fights. The City itself is built collaboratively, with players working together to define the districts and neighborhoods for which their heroes will go to war.

Key Points:

Inspired by the Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Street Fighter video games, movies such as The Warriors, Death Wish and the John Wick series, and comic-books such as Batman, Daredevil and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Emphasizes hand-to-hand combat and allows for dramatic, against-all-odds battles without becoming bogged down under the weight of numbers.
Campaigns emulate classic video game design, with levels building from initial skirmishes against lowly henchmen to face-offs against tough Lieutenants and final showdowns with villainous Bosses.