Vampire The Masquerade, 5e: Discipline and Blood Magic Cards (presale)

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121 full color cards : 80 Disciplines and 41 Blood Sorcery powers and rituals and Thin-Blood Alchemy abilities. This deck of cards gives you all the reference material you need for Disciplines, Blood Sorcery powers and rituals, and Thin-Blood Alchemy in your Vampire: The Masquerade games. With 80 colour and symbol coded cards for referencing Disciplines and 41 cards that include all Blood Sorcery powers and rituals, and all Thin-Blood Alchemy powers, these cards will keep your game moving smoothly. This combined deck is perfect for players and Storytellers who want a quick reference and an easy way of keeping track of Disciplines, Blood Sorcery, and Thin-Blood Alchemy abilities and the rules associated with them. Essential rules and descriptions on each card.