Wingspan: Asia

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Wingspan Asia is several different things: A stand-alone game for 1 player or 2 players (Duet mode that can be used with any bird/bonus cards), a card expansion to the original Wingspan (any bird/bonus cards across any Wingspan game or expansion can be combined), and a 6-7 player expansion via the new Flock mode (for which the player components from the core game are necessary).

2 rulebooks (multiplayer and Automa)
1 appendix
2 player mats (double-sided with standard and Oceania sides)
16 action cubes (8 in each color)
Duet mode (2 players): 1 duet map, 6 goal tiles, 30 duet tokens, and 2 swift-start guides
Flock mode (6-7 players): 1 turn-order dial, 1 round-end goal board
Automa (solo mode)
81 food tokens
30 egg tokens (wooden)
5 food dice
1 birdfeeder board
1 bird tray
1 first-player token
1 scorepad (custom printable scoresheets available here)
1 box (296x215x40mm; 1.2 kg)
90 bird cards (57x87mm)
14 bonus cards (57x87mm)
18 Automa cards (57x87mm)