Witch-King Of Angmar (Black Rider)

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The Witch-king is the greatest of the beings known as the Nazgûl, and is the Dark Lord’s most deadly lieutenant. Robed in all-black, the Witch-king has long since forgotten the Man he used to be before he was gifted one of the Rings of Power. His very presence upon the battlefield fills his enemies with a sense of despair, one that makes even the boldest of hearts tremble in terror. Among all the evils in Middle-earth, none, save Sauron himself, are more feared than the Witch-king of Angmar – the one they say no living Man can kill.

With his sword held aloft from atop his rearing steed, this version of Witch-king is perfect for standing out among the other Black Riders.

This miniature consists of 4 metal components and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Hex Hole Base.