Your Best Game Ever

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Unlock the secrets of consistently awesome RPG experiences—for players and GMs!
We’ve all had them: games where the party clicked perfectly. Climactic moments when everything came together amazingly. Favorite characters everyone loved. Sessions and campaigns that became the stuff of legends—moments that were talked about for years! Sometimes, everything just turns out right. But why not every time?

You can make these games happen, and happen whenever you get together with your gaming group. You can make every adventure, every session, every campaign the most it can be. Your Best Game Ever unlocks the secrets of consistently awesome RPG experiences—for players and GMs.

Inside this gorgeous hardcover (perfect for your game table, but just as beautiful on your coffee table, too) you will find advice and suggestions for enhancing your RPG experience at the table and away from it. This is an insider’s look at everything that isn’t part of the game rules—building chemistry for a gaming group that really clicks, making a character you will love and remember forever, running engaging and exciting games your players will always look forward to, creating thrilling adventures, finding all the right ideas, hosting memorable game nights…and that’s just for starters.

You’re an Experienced Gamer
You’ve been gaming for years. You get the concepts; you know the rules. Your Best Game Ever embraces the hobby you love, and provides real tips, immediately usable advice, and hands-on pointers you can bring to the table—every game night. You’ll find it all here: enhancing immersion, creating characters with depth, worldbuilding, creating house rules, dealing with personality conflicts, and probably the most exhaustive guide anywhere for running and playing games online. And loads more!

You’re Fairly New to Gaming
Your friends play RPGs. You’ve maybe watched some streaming games, or given it a try a few times. You get the general idea, but where do you go from there? This book will give you everything you need to choose the right game, start your own gaming group or easily fit into an existing group, and get on the fast track to being a great gamer.

Either Way, You’ll Love this Book!
Your Best Game Ever covers a range of general game topics, along with sections tailored to players and GMs. And this isn’t a stuffy book on theory, either. You’ll find loads of specific suggestions you can use every day to create better characters with their own interesting stories along with plot ideas, character ideas, real recipes you can make for game night (and spruce them up for your genre of choice), specific suggestions for music and ambiance depending on the genre, and hundreds of pages of other ready-to-use material. All bound up in a volume as complete, user-friendly, and beautiful as only Monte Cook Games can make it.

Written by legendary RPG designer Monte Cook, Your Best Game Ever also taps a fantastic roster of seasoned pros from every corner of the industry, with different opinions, outlooks, gaming styles, and life experiences, to bring their insights to your game table. These consulting experts brought their perspectives to the overall text, and each contributed a short essay.

Eric Campbell • Matt Colville* • Bruce R. Cordell • Luke Crane
Stacy Dellorfano • Tanya DePass • Ajit George • Shanna Germain • Jennell Jaquays
Eloy Lasanta • Tom Lommel • Matthew Mercer • Susan J. Morris
Alina Pete • Sean K. Reynolds • John Rogers • Darcy Ross • Charles Ryan
Tammie Ryan • Monica Valentinelli • Bear Weiter

Your purchase includes the 12-page PDF Writing Games for Publication, a bonus chapter that was cut from the book for space considerations.

Regardless of which game you play, how you play, or even where you play,Your Best Game Ever gives you a wealth of advice and a plethora of ideas. No RPG shelf should be without it!