Zombicide: Sister Temperance (Kickstarter Exclusive)

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Sister Temperance's life before the Church involved owning a small dockside tavern in Boston, one of the rowdiest and most disreputable in the city (which is saying something). She kept order with burly bouncers, harsh language, and her infamous shotgun displayed prominently above the bar.

Unfortunately, one incident involved liberal use of said weapon, and her sentence was either prison or the convert. Turns out the Sister took well to the holy life, and travels the West, bringing the Good Word to all who need it.

The Kickstarter exclusive Survivor Pack comes with two different versions of Sister Temperance in a window box. One sculpt of the sister is on foot while the other sculpt features her riding on her faithful donkey steed.
A copy of the Zombicide: Undead or Alive core game is required to enjoy this expansion.