Zombie Dice: Horde Edition

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A delicious, brain-filled package of Zombie Dice! In this box, you get the classic game plus two expansions:

Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature
Add the Hunk and Hottie dice to raise the stakes. Or toss in Santa's die to get gifts every zombie will love.

Zombie Dice 3: School Bus
The living call it the School Bus. Teh zombies call it a lunch wagon. With this massive die, you get 12 sides of pure mayhem.

Play with both expansions to create a Christmas-themed action movie where the hereos try to save a school bus before the zombies eat everyone's...braaaaains!

16 Custom Six-sided Dice
1 Giant Custom Twelve-sided Die
10 Brain Counters
4 Shotgun Counters
1 Score Pad
1 Dice Bag
1 Rulesheet

Ages: 10+
Players: 2+
Game Length: 10-20 minutes